Jun 032010

Things have been pretty crazy lately, apologies for not getting proper PAL directions up yet. However, cheat sheets are finished!


See you at MLG!

  One Response to “BBrawl Cheat Sheets”

  1. To the creators of bbrawl:

    Before I get to my point I have to say that I really love your creation in bbrawl. I feel particularly strong about that because I’m a Ganon main and he sucked in vbrawl. Now he is actually playable. But over the course of my time playing I have found that he still has a few issues against certain characters. I find that when playing really fast characters; mk, falcon, and fox, he has a hard time responding to any sort of pressure. His most reliable source of defense is a shield, but just opening the shield makes him incredibly vulnerable. Either the opponent grabs him or contines pummle Ganon with attacks. Ganon can’t respond well at all to this kind of pressure. I think that he should have a tool to fend off such attacks. I am aware that the quake has improved, but if it fails Ganon is completely disabled. My suggestions are; a quiker jab, a linking double hit (jimp-shield-cancel standard air), or, although it may be an exception to your hitbox policy, a longer grab range (Ganon really needs one). For the sake of your time I won’t go into a full explanation on each attack. Contact me if you have questions or a response. Keep up the good work :)