Apr 172010

It has been… a lot of work coming this far. Countless hours were spent coding and testing, and countless more were spent making this website. This release comes at a personally appropriate time for me; today, April 18, is my 22nd birthday. I was satisfied with the last release, but it was not received as well as I had hoped. This release represents an attempt to appeal to a wider audience while simultaneously offering more than ever to our core demographic. The level of polish and perfection this demanded of us was grueling, and I hope just as my birthday represents a sort of beginning for me this release represents a new beginning for this project.

Please, if you support this project, do all you can to spread the word! Balanced Brawl is on its way to the top, but it can only reach that if people know about it. Do your part by dispelling common myths (Balanced Brawl is not illegal nor does it require a hacked Wii to play), bringing it to smashfests, or even just showing your friends any of the myriad videos we have provided throughout this site. We did our best to make it as easy as possible to show anyone what Balanced Brawl is all about. Now, with this release of our finest product yet, I only hope it all pays off.