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Fox at first seemed like a very simple case. Fox has a lot of good things about him, but in standard Brawl, there are just too many abuses against him, the worst of which amount to almost automatic losses, for him to be a serious contender. Fix the abuses and fix Fox was the plan, but early testing showed it just was not enough.

The solution was to give Fox the ability to cancel his aerial Fox Illusion with a double jump or wall jump. This technique is very versatile and powerful, and it gives Fox just what he needs to really improve his fast paced gameplay.

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Illusion Jump Cancel

  • Fox can cancel Fox Illusion rushing forward in the air with either a double jump or a wall jump.

Other Major Changes

  • Jab combo now links properly.

Full Technical Change List

  • Fox Illusion: cancelable with wall jump on frames 3-16 of aerial ending lag; cancelable with double jump on frames 3-9 of aerial ending lag
  • Fox Illusion hitbox 0 properties: Angle (60 -> 90), Shield Damage (0 -> 2), Base Knockback (68 -> 90)
  • Rapid jab loop hitbox 0-1 properties: Base Knockback (5 -> 10)
  • Rapid jab loop hitbox 2 properties: Base Knockback (3 -> 8)