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Ike was a character of a few simple problems. He had great range and power and several really good moves, but his poor approach options combined with his bad recovery and total lack of anything fast to escape juggle situations always held him back.

The big deal with Ike is his new and improved Quick Draw. It is now far more flexible than before, and it addresses most of Ike’s problems at once. Testing showed it was not quite enough, and Ike also sees a few powerful changes elsewhere. Eruption and neutral aerial now work a lot more like they always seemed like they should.

All around, Ike did not receive that many changes, but the ones he did receive were powerful and really took his game to a whole new level.

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Vantage

  • Quick Draw no longer sends Ike into helpless fall state, and the attack is significantly faster. This allows Ike to get the jump on his foes far better than before.

Other Major Changes

  • Eruption now has super armor starting from holding the charge.
  • Neutral aerial now has significantly less cooldown, preventing suicides among other benefits.
  • Forward and back throws now are non-abusive against walls but more useful near edges.

Full Technical Change List

  • Neutral aerial: autocancel and interruptible on frame 38 (previously autocancel on frame 67)
  • Back throw throw box properties: Angle (28 -> 20), Knockback Growth (50 -> 20), Base Knockback (50 -> 80)
  • Forward throw throw box properties: Angle (28 -> 20), Knockback Growth (50 -> 20), Base Knockback (50 -> 80)
  • Eruption: 19% heavy armor for duration of charging, normal super armor until creation of hitboxes on release
  • Quick Draw: enters fall 1 instead of helpless fall state
  • Quick Draw (attack): animates at double speed starting on frame 2
  • Counter (attack): invincible on frames 1-8(previously on frames 1-6)