Most of Balanced Brawl’s changes are minor adjustments to damage or knockback on hitboxes; many players cannot even feel the difference! The characters pages list these changes, and provide videos of the most important ones.

On these pages we have also included some interesting physics data straight from the game files, such as weight and fall speed. Remember, Balanced Brawl does not change physics or any of these character aspects!

Choose your character!

Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Wario Toon Link R.O.B. Olimar Captain Falcon Jigglypuff Lucas Link Samus Kirby Fox Pikachu Marth Pit Meta Knight Falco Pokemon Trainer Ike Diddy Kong Yoshi Ganondorf Ice Climbers King Dedede Wolf Lucario Ness Mr. Game & Watch Snake Sonic Sheik Zelda Donkey Kong