Balanced Brawl is a modification to the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl made by Chris “Amazing Ampharos” Immele and Kyle “Thinkaman” Brockman. All credit belongs to the original Super Smash Brothers Brawl team for creation of the engine, characters, stages, and all other resources that were modified for this project.

Special thanks to all players and testers who provided and continue to provide feedback on the game. It would not be the high quality product it is today without their help.

Extra thanks is due to Nuke and brkirch for their work on Gecko OS, comex for Smash Stack, and Phantom Wings for PSA, File Replacement, and countless code findings. Thanks to Dantarion for his fixes to PSA, OpenSA2, and its dump tool, as well as Kryal for BrawlBox’s great stage editor tool. Additional Brawl codes found by The Paprika Killer, spunit262, Almas, Y.S., and KirbyIsCool.

PAL owes extra thanks to the Riivolution team, as well as TSON and Dantarion for their work on an XML.