Diddy Kong


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Diddy Kong might be the role model for the rest of the characters: He has a perfectly unique playstyle that is overall extremely powerful and yet is evenly balanced against almost every character in the game.

The infinite banana lock has been removed, but otherwise Diddy Kong has received no nerfs. Enjoy your banana games!

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Backfire

  • There was no reason to change the most balanced character in the game. However, to show that we didn’t overlook Diddy Kong and continued to observe his matchups, he has been given a small easter egg. When Peanut Popgun is overcharged and explodes, the explosion can now damage enemies.

Full Technical Change List

  • Dash attack frame 14 hitbox 0 properties: Weight Knockback (15 -> 20)
  • Peanut Popgun new hitbox on frames 1-2 of Special(Air)NBlow: Bone 0, Damage 12, Angle 80, Knockback Growth 40, Shield Damage 0, Base Knockback 100, Size 10.0, Z-offset 0, Y-offset 8.00, X-offset 8.00, Trip Rate 0, Hitlag Multiplier 1.0, SDI Multiplier 1.0, Flags 02431085