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Wario is one of the stronger characters in Brawl, but he is artificially held back by a unique vulnerability to an aerial grab release infinite.

Now that aerial grab releases are no longer an issue, the full potential of Wario is unleashed. To keep his matchups even, a couple points of damage have been removed off his forward smash and up aerial. This somewhat checks his KO power, but all around, Wario still remains a very reliable character with a lot of advantages.

All said and done, Wario is proving himself to be in just the right spot.

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Coins!

  • Wario’s pummel now rewards him with a coin stolen from the foe. This makes Wario so happy he is inspired to escape grab release tricks and infinites.

Other Major Changes

  • Up aerial does 1% less damage.
  • Forward smash does 2% less damage.
  • Down throw no longer a chain throw.

Full Technical Change List

  • Forward smash hitbox 0-2 properties: Damage (19 -> 17)
  • Up aerial hitbox 0 properties: Damage (17 -> 16)
  • Pummel hitbox 0 properties: Element (None -> Coin), SFX coin as well
  • Down throw: animates at half speed starting on frame 51