Downloads & Instructions


Loading Balanced Brawl is easy, not permanent,

and does *NOT* require a hacked Wii!

All you need is an SD card and a computer to write to it!

The latest version of Balanced Brawl (v3) can be downloaded here:

Download for NTSC-U (American)

How to start Balanced Brawl:

Step 1- Delete or move all Brawl custom stages from your Wii

Step 2- Download the zip file above, and extract the contents to an SD card

Step 3- Start Brawl, and immediately go to the Stage Builder in Vault

Step 4- The loader should start immediately; press A, and enjoy!

Check out the Balanced Brawl: Breakout video for an example of how this all looks.


  • Leave the SD card in! Balanced Brawl works by dynamically loading files.
  • Once in a blue moon the Wii will get hung on the Stage Builder screen.  This is no problem–simply hold down the power button to turn off the Wii, and try again.
  • Want to use texture hacks with Balanced Brawl?  Just add them to the SD card and they will work automatically.  For texture hacks that conflict with BBrawl files, such as projectile textures, you will need to use BrawlBox to add your textures to those files.  Here is a video tutorial.
  • Need to create your own custom .gct code file for some reason? Download the source BBrawl3.txt file here.

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