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R.O.B. was originally considered a potential top tier character in Brawl. Over time, experience showed that R.O.B. was just lacking a little something and also had a pretty bad matchup with the game’s best character, Meta Knight.

It turns out that something was good throws; R.O.B. did not have any throws that could kill well, and he was too floaty to follow up otherwise. With much better down and up throws, R.O.B. is powered up and ready to go.

Throw in a few minor buffs to help round out his matchups and a new Meta Knight that R.O.B. can fight more effectively, and we’ve got a top contender.

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Warranty Expired

  • R.O.B. can now use his down throw to set up for a variety of chases due to a much more favorable launch power. This can pose a safety hazard for children of all ages, and Nintendo shall not be liable for any damages caused by this feature of the R.O.B. unit.

Other Major Changes

  • Up throw now kills somewhat earlier.
  • Forward tilt has more constant knockback.
  • Strong laser now more powerful.

Full Technical Change List

  • Forward tilt all angles hitbox 0-3 properties: Angle (* -> 18), Knockback Growth (100 -> 25), Base Knockback (30 -> 55)
  • Down tilt hitbox 0-3 properties: SDI Multiplier (1.00 -> 1.30)
  • Up throw throw box properties: Angle (80 -> 85), Knockback Growth (72 -> 80)
  • Down throw throw box properties: Base Knockback (110 -> 90)
  • Robo Beam (full charge) hitbox 0 properties: Damage (9 -> 10)
  • Arm Rotor all hitbox properties: Refresh Rate (10 -> 9)