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Luigi is a solid character in Brawl except for a sometimes fatal flaw: the combination of short attack range and poor approach options.

Lower cooldown on Luigi’s fireball single-handedly fixes this. In addition, Luigi’s dash attack hits now trip! This makes the move reliable and fits Luigi’s goofy style.

These changes let Luigi bring his intense close-range destruction into more matchups. Shoryuken!

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Mega Firepower

  • This change is a significant reduction in the cool down of Luigi’s Fireball projectile. It is now so fast that he can viably use it as a flexible long-range poke.

Other Major Changes

  • Dash attack now reliably links together; the early hits trip, and the final hit is more powerful.

Full Technical Change List

  • Dash attack loop hitbox 0-1 properties: Element (None -> Slip)
  • Dash attack final hitbox 0-2 properties: Damage (2 -> 5)
  • Fireball: interruptible on frame 33 (previously on frame 41)