Mr. Game & Watch


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Mr. Game & Watch had a few problem matchups, and he dominated in some matchups more than he really should have. However, both sorts of problems were mostly fixed by changing other characters, not Mr. Game & Watch

A few little abusive things on him were fixed, and a few little problems he had were resolved. Mr. Game & Watch cares far more about the fact that Balanced Brawl features a very wide stage list; this allows him to be in his element more than ever.

All around, Mr. Game & Watch is largely the same, but the way the game is opened up helps him out.

Balanced Brawl Bonus: Greenhouse Gas

  • Mr. Game & Watch’s jab is now more advantageous than before and reliably links to his rapid jab.

Other Major Changes

  • Back aerial’s distant first four hits do 1% less damage (but are the same against shields).

Full Technical Change List

  • Jab 1 hitbox 0-2 properties: Knockback Growth (100 -> 115)
  • Down tilt hitbox 0 properties: SDI Multiplier (1.00 -> 1.50)
  • Back aerial hitbox 0-1 priority reversed
  • Back aerial loop hitbox 0 properties: Damage (3 -> 2)
  • Back aerial final hitbox 1 properties: Damage (3 -> 4)
  • Back aerial landing hitbox 1 properties: Damage (3 -> 4)
  • LA-Bit[62], the ability to do an up special, is reset upon executing a ground break or a jump break.