Feb 172010

I have gotten a bit of feedback from the test build, less than I would otherwise like, but enough to run with. Here’s what “go through” to me.

-Several bugs were noted. Ganondorf’s fair change that I talked about was accidentally not included, and the original BBrawl release changes to Mario’s back throw and King Dedede’s down throw were somehow just plain missed. These things happen I guess, but it’s very good it was brought to my attention. All of these issues will be fixed in the next test build.

-Jigglypuff’s down aerial buff may be too good, as I suspected. The report was that it really changed how people handled Jigglypuff which may be good or bad. I wish more people had gotten into this change.

-Unrelated to test build changes, apparently a lot of people think Captain Falcon’s up special is overbuffed.

-Charizard gets nothing notable out of jab cancels on his new jab1.

-Lucas dair and dtilt are apparently weird? I didn’t really get a very clear description of exactly how they were different from the first BBrawl release.

-I heard some positive feedback over the Sonic dtilt, but sadly, there was little exploration.

-Kirby’s Copy is supposedly “fine”. We’ll see, but for now I’m not worrying about it.

-Snake apparently feels much better to fight against but still seems good. That’s a positive report.

-Apparently all item related bugs vanished? Hey, I’m not complaining.

-The sped up transformations (including on Castle Siege) are apparently enjoyed by more than just me. So far there’s scant reporting on how it affects gameplay, but it seems to be the consensus that it makes the game more fun.

-I heard some excitement over the targeted nerfs to Marth and Mr. Game & Watch, but I didn’t really hear a lot about gameplay with them.

Here are the things I didn’t hear about that I really would like to before I can feel good about the level of feedback from this release:

-Did the other characters with jab changes get more jab cancel tricks? Charizard was the biggest question, but the other still matter. Mr. Game & Watch is the main suspect here. In general, I’d really like to hear how the new jab behaviors change gameplay for these characters.

-Did the down tilt changes to R.O.B., Donkey Kong, Marth, Meta Knight, and Mr. Game & Watch actually stop the down tilt locks? I really have no idea; I was kinda counting on external testers to find this out. As in, this is really important. Please?

-In general, I’d really be appreciative if people poked around with Ice Climbers united Hammer Squall. As far as I can tell, the change was non-intrusive and only served to fix fusion, but I have been wrong before.

-If any of these changes have major implications to particular matchups, I’d really like to hear about it.

  One Response to “Feedback from test build”

  1. I’ve been trying to use the test build, but I can’t seem to get it to load onto my Wii. I’m using the same steps as the original release, but the only time I’ve gotten it to boot it didn’t apply the character adjustments, and since then no boot at all.

    There doesn’t seem to be a boot.elf file in the updated build: could this be the reason?