Mar 192010

Yup yup.  Feedback plz, k thx.

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  One Response to “BBrawl ver. 2 Release Candidate 2 Up”

  1. Hello. I’ve been quite successful with Balanced Brawl 1 with some of the best players in Argentina. I was a bit reluctant with Balanced 2 changes but I am trying them right now. I want to contribute with the following:
    You mention here in the Link section that after doing the hook shot he should go to helpless state, but doesn’t you can spin again. Me and my friends think that is too much recovery.
    In the other hand, you mention that peach can just cancel bomber with attacks but she can also do it with Parasol (up B).
    And my last comment (for now) is that you should really give something to every character, not just come with a lame excuse :) of a Bonus.