May 272010

Download here!

PAL version uses Riivolution and bannerbomb to load–just go to your SD card menu on Wii version 4.0 or newer, then select “Launch” in Riivolution. More detailed instructions and a download swapping an unpopular stage for Wi-Fi Waiting Room will happen very soon.

  2 Responses to “Balanced Brawl 2 PAL version released!”

  1. I can’t get balanced brawl to work, I’ve got a European wii, i’ve downloaded the PAL thing from this website, extracted it to my SD card, moved all the custom stages and replays off the wii system menu (to a different SD card), there’s nothing coming up in the SD card menu and nothing happens with the stage editor.

  2. Does this version work with new System Menu 4.3e?